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At 3 Corners we aim to provide a nutritious, healthy and diverse range of foods for our breakfast, snacks and tea. Apart from fairly typical foods we also use the shared experience of meal times, as an opportunity to explore food more common to other cultures and backgrounds. 

It is important to note that although we serve an evening tea, we do not provide the equivalent of a home cooked meal, as we do not have the facilities to do so. However, we do serve hot food on occassion.  


Please Note: Individual dietary requirements are always catered for.

Breakfast Menu


There is a selection of 2/3 breads each day including  – crumpets, toast,  pancakes, muffins, fruit loaf, bagels, waffles, brioche and baguette.


These will be served with a selection of spreads, including: honey, jam, marmite, marmalade and peanut butter.


A variety of fromage frais and cereal is also available, alongside milk and water.

Sample Tea Menu



Bagels with ham or cheese



Pittas with grated carrot and cheese



Crackers/rice cakes with spreads



Muffins with ham or tuna



Baguette with soft cheese and pate


Water is served each day alongside a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables & salad.

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